The Story of Fe De La Apple

Feona Apple is a tiny bengal cat that I had the pleasure of rescuing. She was found off the side of the road in a potato bag, scared and of the world around her. Despite her fears, she trusted, us, and that's when we knew she was special. The name "Fe de la Apple" was inspired by this incredible feline. Fe, which means faith in Spanish, perfectly captures her unwavering trust in the world, even after all she had been through. And the "de la Apple" part is a playful nod to Feona Apple the artist, because just like Fe, they have a knack for inspiring trust and creativity. Art, is truly life. It's a beautiful way to express ourselves and connect with others. Whether it's painting, writing, dancing, or even cooking, art is present in everything we do. And it serves as a healthy outlet for our emotions, helping us navigate through life's ups and downs.